NutriBullet – in the test

The last couple of days I have been using my colleague’s NutriBullet and I’m overall happy with it! I have been making the pineapple & coconut ice-cream that I was so looking forward to and it was just devine! For that, I used 300g of frozen pineapple and topped it to the mark with 1/2 can coconut milk (ca. 200ml). I may be a little allergic to pineapple, but I do like it and so I have it every once in a while! As an ice-cream like this, it is definitely a treat!!

photo 1 photo 2

I also attempted a green smoothie type of drink (there are no words for the disgusting outcome of that experiment!) It was definitely green in colour! I did manage to gulp down all of it after adding a lot of coconut water to the thing. After having some experience with juicing this was definitely a blow. 

My absolute favourite though was making my own nut milk. I made cashew and almond milk and loved both. I did remove the pulp at first but then just left it in. I am only using the milk to use with my cereals so it can just as well stay in. I’d say this would be a different story if I would plan to make my coffee with it. For the nutmilk, I soaked the nuts overnight and then blended it with water and a prune for each batch (I was gonna buy dates but then grabbed the wrong package from the shelf). I haven’t tried it unsweetened yet, but will do in the future. Also, I was talking to one of the fitness trainers at my gym and he was talking about the NutriBullet; he also has one and the way that he makes his own nutmilk is to grind the nuts first (no soaking) and then to add the water etc as it results in a smoother nutmilk. I did like the consistency of the one I made but would still like to give it a try. I just didn’t want to do it with my colleagues NutriBullet as she says that she is soaking the nuts always. Not gonna take any chances on damaging the thing here 😉 

What I haven’t tried is to grind coffee although I heard that it can also do that fine. Our coffee machine is grinding the beans so there was no need to try this. Only thing I’d be concerned with grinding coffee though is that you probably can’t exactly influence the grind level; it will all just be very finely milled. 

Overall, the idea of making my own nutmilk has very much won me over on its own. Every other feature is just a bonus for me. I love how small and yet powerful the NutriBullet is, perfect for my kitchen that is always too small! I am looking forward to having my own NutriBullet and giving the (green) smoothies another chance!!

Are you using the NutriBullet? What are your favourite recipes? I’d be happy to read them in the comments below 🙂


I am very excited today! I have been looking at the NutriBullet for a long time since hearing so much about it from other people. I finally saw it in a shop this week and was surprised to see how small it is! At around 130 EUR it’s not a device I want to buy and try and find it’s not for me so I am happy that one of my colleague gave hers to me for a few days to try it out. So for the next few days, I want to try and make the following:

– nut butter
– nut milk
– ice cream (there’s pineapple and coconut milk waiting to be mashed up together with some soy milk!!)
– Smoothies
– juices
– and so much more

So stay tuned for the next couple of days to see the (hopefully) yummy things that I will whip up for you (pun intended)!!



second thoughts

To everyone who is still here, thanks for hanging on 🙂

It’s been ages since I last posted and over the past months I have been going back and forth about whether to shut this page down or not. I have been struggling (and still am) with staying on a vegan diet for a long time which annoys me because deep down I know that this is what I want. Out of compassion and out of health. I didn’t get a test but I’m quite certain that I have some form of lactose intolerance (or milk allergy?). I haven’t had milk for ages (unless the other day accidentally at the coffee shop) but I am still struggling with cheese. Also, me is a big fan of yoghurts. We do have quite a good selection of vegan yoghurts here in Ireland so the big issue really is cheese. Also, eggs. When I do purchase them, I do look into getting free range eggs but even when looking through the regulations for egg labelling and what that means for the actual hens and how they are being kept, it’s not really appetising. 

I don’t know how I will get over that weakness of giving into cravings or how I can stop them from coming up at all. I am avoiding eating bread (although that’s not so hard in Ireland) so that I won’t miss cheese so much. Growing up in Germany with a huge variety of great breads and cheeses, going home to visit the family is really hard for me for that reason alone. 

I have been trying out various vegan cheeses and was never happy. Then, in the last few weeks, I have stumbled across “I’m a little vegan” and her obsessiveness with Violife cheeses. Finding her, and “Belly full of Rainbows“, both women who are living at least in the same County, was very important. I have so many vegan cookbooks and so many bookmarks for recipes, it’s really a joke that I am sitting here and telling the world that I am not inspired at all when it comes to recipes to cook. But, in my defence, the books are either German or American and a lot of stuff that is available there is not available here in Ireland. So having found local resources for recipes is a bit like finding a pot of gold (I’m still looking to win that real jackpot though!).

Back to Violife cheese.. I did find it in my local health shop and despite the promise to myself that I would never try vegan cheese again (because the ones I tried were all downright disgusting) I did give in and bought their “Violife for pizza”. I finally took it to use last night. Not making Pizza, no (I live in Cork, so I got to be a bit of a rebel!), but making Lasagne 🙂 It turned out quite nice and of course the looks I got at work today when I took it out of my bag were all priceless 🙂 And it didn’t just look nice (and ‘real’) but it also tasted really good. I am happy with a vegan cheese, at last! 

So, long story short.. I have been struggling a lot to stay vegan but never completely lost the focus. I am not taking this site down, instead I want to use it for motivation to get back on track (and to stay there). I would really like to hear from whoever is out there and get your support 🙂  Either here, or on Twitter (@kd_vegan)!

Thanks for sticking around!





lent – an overdue update

vegan for lent somehow did not work for me. I didn’t know what was happening but I still had stupid cravings for eggs especially. I have been talking to a neighbour the other day though and I think it was the kick in the butt that I have been needing for a long time. So this neighbour, I never even knew him until I met him on the bus stop after work one day. I knew he was my neighbour because we have been on the same bus in the mornings for quite some time. Since we start our days ‘together’ and I had been out for coffee after work that day I started talking to him (yup, me!), just asking about his day. So we were first talking about our jobs. Since our bus wasn’t coming for another while he took off to a café to have some juice but came back in time for the bus. We sat next to each other and I asked him if he can cook. I honestly expected a ‘No’ answer. Him being a man and Italian (stupid stereotyping!) but he said that he does indeed cook and that he would cook a lot since he is vegan. I guess my heart jumped a little, not in a romantic way, but I was just happy that there are other vegans out here, especially just next door from where I live. We exchanged numbers and he offered advice if I needed some. I sure do!

I am glad that I met him and got to talk to him. It gave me some motivation for my path, to go fully vegan again. So I am currently just using up whatever vegetarian stuff I bought and planning to only shop vegan from now on. I have also been looking to get new cookbooks for some inspiration. I was particularly looking for German ones, as I find that German food automatically is some sort of comfort food for me. Via facebook, I asked for some advice on ‘good’ books since a lot of them work with items that are not available in Ireland. I have received some great tips and one girl even offered to send me books that she is no longer using. I can’t wait to pick them up from my mum’s place next month! Also, I should get in touch with the Italian about that pizza base recipe he wanted to share with me and get some more tips from him.

So even though vegan for Lent didn’t work out, I have learned a little bit more about why I am having cravings for non-vegan stuff in the first place and hope to be able to eliminate those permanently from now on.

vegan for Lent

I’m not a practicing Catholic, but I like the idea of Lent as such. And for me I hope it means that I can get back on the fully vegan track. I have been sidetracked recently and although many of my meals are still vegan, I have had vegetarian meals also. I have been struggling with cravings for cheese and eggs and yogurt and given in usually. I really wish there were better substitutions available in this country.

So, next to having a caffeine-free month this March (which I’m still struggling with), I am going on a 100% vegan diet for Lent, and hopefully beyond.

I will let you know how this goes!


During the holiday season, I have had a very hard time to maintain my vegan diet and at some point, I lost the fight with myself. I went back to even eating meat but was very fast disgusted by it. So, right now, I eat vegetarian, with most of my meals still being vegan. I want to go back to a full vegan diet at some point, but I will have to do this gradually, not radically. It is a weird feeling though, as I hate the idea of how cheese is made, the cows that are suffering for having to give the milk to provide for it. I don’t drink milk and wouldn’t go back to it but I have to find what made me start going vegan last year, and go back to it. And I don’t just mean the movie that I saw; I can easily watch that again any given time of the day. One more thing that I have been missing at some point during the past year were eggs. Eggs were actually the first non-vegan thing I ate after months of being on the vegan diet. Clearly, my body was lacking something but what?

What vegan things are  out there to suppress the longing for non-vegan foods when the cravings come?

I read that nuts are great when craving chocolate, and it’s true. For me at least, it worked well. I am trying to go chocolate free and if it wasn’t for my mum sending me local truffles the other day, I would have been very successful. 🙂 I had been pretty much off sugar for the whole of January until then. And it wasn’t even too bad; I don’t eat a ton of it anyway so staying away wasn’t that hard. But after I had one of the truffles I felt like I was hooked and there was no stopping once the sugar high left. It’s insane how your body craves something evil like sugar. So now, I want to get off it again.

I’m on a good way, taking it one day at a time 🙂

2014 is here!!

It’s been a while again.. 

First of all, Happy New Year!! Its quite unbelievable how fast 2014 came!! I have no idea where 2013 is gone and I kind of hope that this won’t repeat this year!! I have a few great things/trips planned to make it a memorable year. It all kicks off tomorrow. My favourite radio station ( is playing a mixtape put together by the one and only me 🙂 

In February, I will be celebrating my birthday in California. I am visiting both Los Angeles and San Francisco and I’m very excited to go already! I’ve never been to the West Coast which makes it even more special!! 

There are a few other things planned later on this year but I will talk about them the sooner it gets there. For now, I will try to sleep over all the excitement about the radio show tomorrow morning 🙂 

I hope, that wherever you are, you will have a great, healthy and happy 2014!! Don’t forget to live life to your fullest, you only got this one!! 

Poet’s Corner – Kinsale

yesterday, me and a few people headed to Kinsale for some coffee, food and a walk to James Fort. We were a total of 16 people and I had reserved space in the Poet’s Corner, a reading café and book exchange. It’s a very small but such an adorable place! I had been looking for places to go in Kinsale and this one stood out as it combines two things that I absolutely LOVE! Coffee and books 🙂

I had asked about food options for vegans and they did say that they do cater for vegans (soup/sandwiches). I was quite happy to hear that. So when we arrived, I was told that the Soup of the Day is Tomato & Sweetcorn and they had made it vegan extra for me as they knew that I was coming. Yay! I also had a sandwich roll with it which was really lovely as well. Their coffee was absolutely yummy as well! The shop is STACKED with books and you can sit down and grab one and read with your coffee.. You can also buy the books and also, exchange your old for a new one, if you feel like it. The exact HOW is best described on their website!

If you do happen to visit Kinsale, do not miss this place. When you arrive by bus (from Cork), you cannot miss it. It’s on Main Street, in the back of the bus stop, really. And as you see, it doesn’t hurt to let them know that you’re coming so that they can prepare themselves.

TerraZen Café – Amsterdam

I spent yet another day in Amsterdam and was kind of stuck wandering about town and hoping I would come across a place to get some lunch/food after my late breakfast of an apple that I was carrying around with me. So I walked around rather aimlessly when I almost walked past a vegetarian shoe shop ( They also had books and other things so I walked in just to have a look. I found Booja-Booja truffles (espresso), which I had been looking for for ages! That’s no lunch though so I asked the lady at the till if she knew of any vegan food places around town. She gave me a map that is especially made for veggie places (food and non-food!) and showed me a few places that were close-by. She also told me about a place that’s not on the list yet, TerraZen, and she said that they do a carribbean/japanese style thing so I decided to go there. They had just opened and the girl (Lesley?) who greeted me was really nice and helped me pick out my choice. She did point out that everything on the menu tastes great and she looked like a person who could be trusted so I chose a Tempeh main (Donburi with Tempeh Katsu). Which is big because I once tried Tempeh and hated it. I did mean to give it another try though and this looked the right place to do so. And boy it was! The Tempeh came thinly sliced, breaded and fried and was served with brown rice, rocket and grated carrots as well as a bowl of miso soup!

It was all very lovely and I will definitely go back there on my next visit to Amsterdam! I do hope for them that the veggie map will be updated soon to also show them on the map. They are located close to Amsterdam Centraal, on Sint Jacobsstraat 19HS. It’s a small but mighty place and I can only recommend that you go and check it our if you happen to be in Amsterdam or visiting soon!

You can find them on Facebook or check out there homepage! For their menu, click here!